Friday, August 23, 2013

Verlinden's 1/16th 11 Inch Dahlgren Civil War Naval Gun

This all resin kit was a bear to make, but I'm very pleased with the results.  In typical Verlinden fashion, the instructions were all but useless; many of the resin parts (particularly the large ones) were warped or misshapen; and the circular rails that were cast as part of the deck aren't the right arcs so the carriage wheels don't rest on them properly.  And I'll never understand why Verlinden gives you a piece of white, fuzzy, loosely weound yarn to serve as the recoil rope.  It doesn't take paint, stain, or anything.  I had originally made a replacement plywood and basswood deck, but it sat around so long while I finished the model that it warped.  Well, better to happen  now than to have it warp after I'd mounted the cannon.

The gun was painted with Model Master acrylics sprayed with my airbrush.  The carriage was then weathered using raw umber oil paints.  The metal work was lightly drybrushed with a mixture of black and steel Model Master enamel. I then sparingly applied some MIG weathering powder (Track Brown) around the bolts and metal work, staying away from the barrel itself, to simulate old rust stains.

Next up, I may buy and paint Michael Roberts' 120mm Civil War Marine Lieutenant to mount along side it to give it some scale.

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