Friday, August 31, 2012

Custer 1876

This is a Sash & Saber George Custer during the 1876 campaign.  It's a little small for 40mm, but it still painted up OK.  I would have preferred that he was wearing the blue fireman's shirt like the standing figure in my very first post.  It would have provided more color than the buckskin.

Sash & Saber 40mm ACW

Before starting back to school I went on a run painting a bunch of 40mm Sash & Sabre Civil War figures.  Once school starts back up next week my painting time will be drastically cut.  I wasn't too sure about the S&S when I first got them -- they appeared very rough with some exaggerated detail.  Once I started painting them though I took a liking to them.  Clean up is fairly quick and easy and the exaggerated details paint up nicely.

My next project was going to be a 40mm Foundry ACW gun and crew, but after painting these I might just paint up a S&S gun crew instead.

Thanks Michael.  The two charging Confederate infantrymen are from the lot you gave to me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Here are a few 28mm pirates I just finished.  I don't have the slightest idea where they came from, but like their character.  The third one is my favorite -- because of the pose and I feel I painted it better than the other two.  Boy I wish I could improve my picture-taking skills, because I really think these look tons better in real life.

I like the base on the first one.  It came in a pack of four from a company named Malifaux.  The other three were just as nice but unfortunately weren't really usable.  While they're nicely sculpted and paint up well, they're poorly designed -- leaving no room to put the feet of a figure.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some New 28mm Figures

These are three new figures I finished this week.

The first one is a Foundry Viking who's been vanquished by a Gripping Beast plastic Saxon.  I thought about putting some blood on the Viking's hand/head but that can look kind of cheesy if it's not done well.  So, rather than take the risk of upsetting the finished skin tones I left it alone.

The second and third figures are both from Reaper Miniatures' Chronoscope line -- Zorro and Ned Lewinsky, Mad Bomber.

The Zorro figure was my first attempt at painting a large area of black and I'm pretty happy with it.  I went light with the highlights because I was concerned about over doing them.  Traditionally, I suppose Zorro would've had a black sash, but I thought it needed some color to punch it up.  Call it artistic license.

Next up . . . pirates.