Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some New 28mm Figures

These are three new figures I finished this week.

The first one is a Foundry Viking who's been vanquished by a Gripping Beast plastic Saxon.  I thought about putting some blood on the Viking's hand/head but that can look kind of cheesy if it's not done well.  So, rather than take the risk of upsetting the finished skin tones I left it alone.

The second and third figures are both from Reaper Miniatures' Chronoscope line -- Zorro and Ned Lewinsky, Mad Bomber.

The Zorro figure was my first attempt at painting a large area of black and I'm pretty happy with it.  I went light with the highlights because I was concerned about over doing them.  Traditionally, I suppose Zorro would've had a black sash, but I thought it needed some color to punch it up.  Call it artistic license.

Next up . . . pirates.

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